To each valued client:  Thank you for bringing your case to us.  We enjoy being of service to you.  If we post reviews, we will do so without showing names out of respect for our clients’ privacy.  Given the kind of work we do, we think that this is very important.  Thanks for your kind thoughts.

Check out this review:

Thank you for not only your time, but patience as well Marcia. It is clearly apparent that what you do is your strongest area of expertise and I cannot tell you enough, even more so in my crabby state of mind during our last meeting, how professionally and again, patiently you have pulled this all together. I think it was “your” drive and dedication that caused the fortunate end result regarding the situation we had before us and I cannot thank you enough for all the ongoing hard work, effort and again, dedication you put forth throughout this long process.

Thank you so much Marcia!!!

And this one:

To whom this may concern,

Marcia R. Meoli

I am very thankful for everyone in her office and the trustee with all their help in helping me get my life in order again and the positive feeling they gave me the minute I walked in their office.

And they were very patient with me and making sure I understood everything I had to do to get it done and worked with me.

Marcia and everyone involved are awesome people to work with me and worked with anyone that is going threw hard times.

Thank you guys again.


Client from Fennville, Michigan